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I can find the Move Family's house but I can't find the Move Tutor in Driftveil City.

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In Pokémon Black and White, there are four Move Tutors in Unova: one in Driftveil City, one on Route 13, one in Opelucid City and one in Castelia City.

>A man in his house in Driftveil City teaches the newly-introduced Pledge moves, which can be combined with each other in double and triple battles for additional effects.

>As before, the elemental Hyper Beam variants can be taught to friendly fully-evolved starter Pokémon of each respective type, with the new Move Tutor being located on Route 13.

>Draco Meteor is taught by the opposite game's Opelucid Gym Leader (DraydenW or IrisB), but maximum friendship is not required.

>Also, if the player brings an event Meloetta to Café Sonata in Castelia City, a musician will teach it Relic Song.

>Furthermore, if the player brings an event Keldeo with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion in their party to Moor of Icirrus, they will teach it Secret Sword.

From Bulbapedia.

So there are the move tutors, the Move Family is one of the two red-roofed houses; I can't remember which.

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but on the map it says move family, and how can u get the words like that
What Map?
Just edited to make it easier to read.
The Move Family is in Mistralton City.
Thanks and thanks.
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The house next to the market,Second house you pass.

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