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here are thier stats:
hp 13 / hp14
atk 7 / atk 7
def 7 / def 7
sp.atk 7 / sp.atk 7
sp.def 7 / sp.def 7
spd 8 / spd 7
both are lv2
both have Bashful nature
their currently on Emerald I'm going to migrate them heartgold and ev train on there then evolve them in a charizard.

Great quetion.

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When they are trained, I think the one on the right hand side would be better.
Here is a move set for Heart Gold:

Flamethrower- Learned at level 47
Brick break-TM 31
Swords Dance-TM 75
Shadow Claw-TM 65

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You don't know if one will be better than the other in the future, as they're just at Level 2. I would just choose one with the higher stats, which is the second Charmander.

There stats are equal