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I would like the nature ro be based on a competetive team

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What do you want to do with this Charmander? In-game or competitive?
Competetive , sorry i will edit that in

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I would say any nature that boost Special Attack, such as Modest, Mild, etc.

I say this because Charmander's HA is Solar Power which boosts Special Attack in Harsh Sunlight. So if you have a Special Attack boosting nature along with Solar Power, you'll have a very strong Special Sweeper beast (since Speed is another high stat of the Charmander evolution line, so I would not suggest a Quiet nature).

If you want me to suggest a moveset, just ask me.

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Thanks , and yeah a moveset would be good but i will ask that in ankther post.
@OrangeTerrariaYT ok do you want me to answer that one too?
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Solar Power Charizards tend to run Timid for extra speed, but Modest is for extra firepower. So, Timid and Modest are usually the best option for Charizard in general.

Timid: (+Speed, -Attack)
Modest: (+Sp. Atk, -Attack)

Hope I helped!

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I'd say that modest is pretty bad on Charizard. Timid nature lets Charizard outspeed base speed 95's like Houndoom, which is very helpful.

I agree with this, you earned my upvote.
The charmander evoloution line is generally fast
Timid is much better than Modest. Speed boosting natures are always better, especially on a slower Pokémon like Charizard. Charizard isn't slow but there are faster Pokémon out there, and slower Pokémon that will outspeed you if you don't have the Timid Nature. :P