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i was on youtube and I was watching Pokemon stuff when I saw this !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b8JBJsbdhM&feature=related .can you explain me what it is?please, I have to know!!!

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Well, first they are hacked. But I don't know any type of cheat that does that,but those sprites are from here. Also that was in Black2/White2 and in Black2/White2 there is a place called pokestar studious and the title of the video was pokestar studio stuff and the sprites came from that.


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well.you have a point .i don't think that they are  exactly hacked.
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There is only one simple explination. Hacking.
Notice how this wasn't filmed on a DS, but an emulator. Hacking is easier on an emulator, plus for that route, PokeStar cast & crew aren't available Pokemon...
Plus, there is no Pokemon that can be caught at level 1.

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Regigigas in Platinum is LV 1 :P
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