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So I was just wondering...is it better to have a Pokemon with 1 perfect iv or have that same Pokemon have 2 "Fantastic" iv's? I have an Alakazam. She has relativly superior ivs but her speed is perfect. I guess is that bettter ( in your opinon) then her having defence and speed only with a "fantastic" rating?

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It really, I mean, really, depends what the stats are. If your Alakazam has perfect Attack and Defense IVs, and you have another one that has perfect Special Attack IVs, I would go for the Special Attack one. Why? Alakazam has sky high Special Attack, and can hurts things with it, and having perfect IVs in Attack won't do anything.

In conclusion, it depends. Choose the stats that the Pokemon utilizes well.

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also, trickroom sweepers are better with lower speed IV
and pain split pokemon, especially eviolite dusclops, is better with less HP