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Are shinies so hard to catch?

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how do you catch a shiny Pokemon like volcorona where it is just standing there when you walk into a room? how do you make it shiny?

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They are quite hard to catch, only being a 1/8192 chance of meeting one. So you're usually going to run into Shinies in the grass. Or you can breed them using the Masuda Method.

For interactable Pokemon like Volcarona, you have to save in front of it, and talk to it, shut off and turn on the DS, talk to it, shut off and turn on the DS, talk to it, shut off and turn on the DS, talk to it, shut off and turn on the DS... until you get it Shiny. It's rare, so don't expect to get one right away or one at all.

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iv got a shiny haunter in turnback cave(diamond)
i didn't know if it was shiny because i havn't seen a haunter for such a long time.
anyway, when you get a shiny(like volcorona) will the interactible form be shiny?
No, the Volcarona is shiny during battle only.
I don't think that it would be harder to catch, because I once found a shiny Mienfoo, and I only had 5 PokeBalls, and still caught it. So, if it were harder to catch, I wouldn't have caught it.
The problem is not catching, it is finding one.
Oh, sorry! I didn't understand. The question made it sound like the catch rate would be harder.
Nope. Shinies are just as easy or just as difficult as noraml pokes when it comes to catching.
I know, that's what I said earlier, with an example.