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I tried everything! I don't have a master ball! I spent all my poke balls, great balls, friend balls, heavy balls, and all other balls on it and I can't seem to catch it! I need to buy pokeballs from the pokemart all over and over again! Is there a way to catch it easily?

you are just unlucky.
No, he just used terrible balls on growlithe
You said 'he' used terrible balls on Growlithe and I AM NOT a boy, I'm a girl. And I am showing you that I am not using terrible balls. If you would have read the 'great balls, friend balls' part you wouldn't have to say I have terrible balls.
They are pretty bad in comparison to Dusk or Ultra Balls.
And how would we know if you're a girl or not?.. And don't say check your profile, so many people are too lazy to.
ok first, sorry for calling you a "he", Ledian
But look here http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9_Ball
pokeball only has catch rate of 1, and great ball has 1.5, which isn't very good
I know friend ball and heavy ball needs apricorns to make, but they aren't very good
to catch growlithe, and here's why.
friend ball has catch rate of 1, same as pokeball, and heavy ball is good for very heavy pokemon like groudon, if the pokemon is light, it gives negative value
Ledian :3, come to chat do we can LC battle for the gym leader tournament!

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You could try...

  • Putting it to sleep
  • Giving it Paralysis
  • Freezing it
  • False Swiping it
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Thank you! And one more thing what moves can make Growlithe sleep, paralyze or freeze and how do we get False Swipe?
Sleep can be done my Sing, Yawn, or Hypnosis, for Paralysis use Thunder Wave, and for freeze you can use Ice Beam. False Swipe is a TM and some Pokemon can also learn it.
Okay! Thanks!
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It can be very hard,but just keep trying,take it's HP down,and make him sleep or something.
But most important; patience is important!