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I can't seem to catch this little devil on Diamond even though it is level 10 and I'm using my highest level Pokemon (23) . It's in the red zone and I have used 10 pokèballs, a primer (?) ball, and a great ball. Each time he either escapes instantly or appears to have been caught.

Ultra Balls...
He may not have access to Ultra Balls
Then use more Great Balls? Just saying,  it shouldn't require a rocket science wall-of-text to catch a Murkrow. :v
one thing to say: dusk balls.
If you're in a cave or at night.....
I have caught murkrow in alpha sapphire. I think I only used 2 or 3 ultra balls, but it was a pretty long time ago so I am not exactly sure.
change the time on the ds for dusk balls ray

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Unfortunately, levels are not a factor in the capture formula, unless you're using a Level Ball or a Nest Ball; otherwise, having a large level advantage won't help you.

Given the information you've given here, your chances of capturing the Murkrow in a Poké Ball or Premier Ball are roughly 10-12%; with a Great Ball it becomes about 16-20%. Given this, it's not at all unreasonable that you didn't catch it within ten Poké Balls, one Premier Ball and one Great Ball; it's mildly unlucky, but only mildly.

To improve your chances, be sure to use the best balls available to you (if you can buy Great Balls, then buy more) and put it to sleep if you can; otherwise, paralyze, poison or burn it (there's no reliable method to freeze an opponent, but that would be as good as sleep).

Here's a calculator you can use, and if you're interested in more information about how capturing works in the fourth-generation games, you can check out this page.