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Why was it so hard to catch cresselia?

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I found cresselia on crescent isle in or. I had to use about 25-30 pokeballs/premier balls to catch lv. 50 cresselia and its health was so low I could hardly see the red on the bar. Why was it so hard to catch?

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Cresselia has the the catch rate of 3 (0.4%).

So it will be very difficult to catch .So,what you do is to use quick ball in the first turn ,so if you dont catch it in the first turn then paralize it with thunder wave ,then you make its hp to 1 with the help of false swipe.Then you start using ultra ball or dusk ball(if you are battling at night).Then after 10 turns has passed start using timmer ball.If you dont catch it after a long time,use master ball.And yes it will respond.

Important advise: always save your game in front of the legendary Pokemon before you battle any legendary Pokemon so that you can reset your game and you will respond in front of legendary Pokemon and re battle it if you killed the legendary Pokemon.

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Thank you!
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Catch rate bud

It has a catch rate of 3 which is pretty goddarn low. It is going to take a while so stock up on dem Timer Balls. Or just use the Master Ball. Or just status it (credit to Astro Boy).
Hope this helps!

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i prefer dusk balls myself, but then again i also mostly play at night.
The rings are considered a dark place so dusk balls work any time of day
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Cresselia is a Legendary.

That about sums it up. All Legendaries (with the exception of Rayquaza in ORAS) have a very low catch rate. This is because they are, well, legendary, and that means it shouldn't be a walk in the park to catch them. Here's Cresselia's catch rate:

Catch rate: 3 (0.4% with PokéBall, full HP)

Cresselia has an exceptionally low catch rate, as do all Legendaries (note that some,. such as Dialga, have slightly higher ones). If you want to make capturing her easier, take along a Pokémon with either Spore or Thunder Wave, as these status conditions will raise her catch rate by a little bit. I also reccomend bringing a heckuva lot of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls with you, as the battle will likely last for a long time.

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