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This tells you but no rotom and zoroak are not legends
But Heatrans creselia regix3 legender birds(articuno zapdos moltres)legendery dogs (entei rakiu suicune) regigigas lake trio (azelf mespirit uxie) and the musketeers(virizion cobalilon terrakion ) are aloud in the battle subway and tower
Hope this helps
With maeks later answer I just remembered latios and latias are aloud in the battle tower
Plus some people count arcanine and lucario
There are 48 legends 19 aloud in battle tower
There are 53 legends if you count different forms Of shaymin deoxys and melotella
There maybe other forms - no forms are aloud in the subway or tower
Not even phione is aloud in the tower subway with all base 80 stats - I think this question has been asked

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"...19 aloud in battle tower"? Aloud?
there's also reshiram, kurem, zekrom, yeveltal, xerneas, zygarde, solgaleo and lunala
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*Kanto: Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,Mewtwo,Mew.
Johto: Raikou,Entei,Suicune,Lugia,Ho-Oh,Celebi
Hoenn: Regirock,Regice,Registeel,Latias,Latios.
Kyogre: Groudon,Rayquaza,Jirachi,Deoxys.
Sinnoh: Uxie,Mesprit,Azelf,Dialga,Palkia,Giratina,Cresselia
Unova**: Victini,Cobalion,Terrakion,Virizion,Tornadus,Thundurus
Reshiram Zekrom,Landorus,Kyurem,Keldeo,Meloetta,Genesect*
FYI-Any(Pokemon) That can have a EGG or BREED are not (LEGENDARY)
Pokemon with the exceptions of.

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your welcome:)
it seems like every gen there are more legendary pokemon
@KiddSwagg!, Cresselia also can have a egg, since you find a female one. Still, it's a Legendary exception, together with Manaphy and Phione.
Actually, just because Cresselia has a gender does NOT mean it can breed. A Pokémon must have a discovered egg group to breed. All legendaries (except manaphy and phione) have an undiscovered egg group and, therefor, cannot breed.