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According to what I am asking, it seems to me that they are rivals because Cresselia (Psychic-type) helps people have good dreams at night, and Darkrai tries to give them nightmares while people sleep. Even though Darkrai means no harm to people while inflicting them with nightmares to protect itself.

In theory, yes, but as far as I am aware there has never been an in-game story event, anime episode, or movie thus far to speak to that.  In fact, I don't think Creselia has appeared in a movie or anime episode.  It (she?) only makes a passing appearance in the games, too, and it has no relation to Darkrai.
In the games, there's a kid who has nightmares. He mentions Darkrai, and needs the lunar wing from Cresselia to wake up. On the other hand, there has never been two counterparts in which one of them is event exclusive.
I dont know how viable the mystery dungeon series is in terms of lore in pokemon as a whole, but I remember playing explorers of sky and the two being enemies in the end game, if that is anymore evidence.

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It's likely true also the evidence comes from BW2

new Pokemon Theory, this time about the mysterious "Strange House" in B2W2!

Youtube video explains in full detail all possible theories on Pokemon cresselia and darkrai being rivals simply because in the midst of them being friendly at first the poor girl lost her life possibly falling into river after seeing creselia nd consumed by darkrai or simply being attacked by darkrai into deep slumber and then died soon after.


Theres also a ref from a youtuber called ''Steel Arbiter'' saying To say Darkrai means no harm, and they also went out of their way to say that Hypno is a threat, I believe that what the girl hears her "father" say in the nightmare is actually a Hypno and not Darkrai, it even sounds like something a Hypno would say, I mean have you heard Hypno's Lullaby? While obviously not cannon, Gamefreak actually put a kidnapping Hypno in FR and LG, anyway, I just don't want Darkrai to get any flak lol.

This further evidence points that darkrai and cresselia may be rivals through the ost cause of the girl and ultimately consequenting in the two becoming enemies.

ALSO because my answer to this extended I want to add a second site containing a paste binned copy nd paste sync of info in regards to referances used in the strange house after the girls death which ultimately cause the rivalry between darkrai and cresselia afterwards.

click here - http://pastebin.com/vbpqsq1K



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