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Fire-Red into White Migration?

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I have a DSi and I want to know if I can Migrate Pokemon from Fire-Red into White just like I did from Soul Silver into White.

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Unfortunately for you, you must you a DS or a DS Lite to migrate, as only they can play GBA games.

After you get that, insert both SoulSilver and FireRed into the DS. Turn the DS on, and go to SoulSilver's menu. Then, you select "Migrate from FireRed". After that, select 6 Pokemon that have no HMs on them to be shipped to your SoulSilver. After that, Go to Pal Park in Fuschia City and head to the Pal Park. Talk to man inside to enter a catching show and catch your Pokemon from FireRed. After that, transfer the Pokemon into your White from SoulSilver.

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