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I have a Frillish. I killed a Swadloon (Macho Brace held) and did not grow a level. I know that EVs are applied after battle but my defense stats after beating one went from 39->40 and then the next one I killed didnt raise my defense at all. Shouldn't my stats raise by more than one since Swadloon is 2 Defense EVs x 2 for macho brace.

Second Question: If I vs 2 Swadloons (Double Grass Wild) and have my frillish in the battle and kill both with the Macho Brace Equipped do I get 8 Defense EVs? (@ Swadloons = 4 x 2 for Macho Brace = 8)

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  1. The 4 EVs = 1 Stat point only occurs only when you are in the higher levels, like 100. At lower Levels, stats grow more slowly, and EVs work differently.

  2. You don't even need to kill both. Just have Frillish in the battle when both Swadloons are in battle. And yes, you will get 8 EVs in Def.

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