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I just want to make sure
eg. i've got lvl 32 tranquill with pokerus, then i gave him 10 protein, and then ev train him on attack with power bracer.
with only 252 EV on ATK and 100 EV already from protein, I must get 152 EV from EV train.and with patrat that gave out 1 ATK EV + 4 EV from pwr bracer + pokerus, it become 10 EV for each patrat.right? so i must KO 15 patrat to get 150 EV and KO one more without pwr bracer to get the rest (2 ev). so, if my tranquill leveled up to 33, is he definitely get a max ev on ATK? if so, can i ev train him on other stat and max it with just one time leveling up? and by the time he leveled up to lvl 35, will he have max EVs?


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Your Pokemon will have whatever EVs you gave to them, at whatever level they are. HOWEVER, they don't all appear on the stats at once, they are gradually added to the stats between level 1 and 100.

So for example a Pokemon at level 35 will have about a third of the EVs added, but if you gave them full EVs they are still there and will get added as you level up.

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Thank you for nice explanation.it is clear now.