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Hey guys, I'm trying to breed a Latias with a Ditto on Pokemon Emerald and I'm just curious if this will actually work or am I just wasting my time? and also if this does work and an egg does spontaneously appear can I possibly end up with a Latios? I accidentally chose Latias instead of Latios when my virtual mother asked me the red or blue question some time ago because I wanted a Latios but I totally forgot the purpose of why that was happening at the time. Thanks for the input guys.


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You cannot do either successfully. In depth info:

No, it is impossible to breed any Legendary (Latios and Latias are both Legendaries) Pokemon other than Manaphy, who when paired with a Ditto will create a Phione. This is the only way a Legendary can breed. It is also impossible to breed Latios or Latias with a Ditto and get the other one. No Pokemon do this except the Nidoran family, which can create a Nidoran-M or Nidoran-F from the Egg.

Source: Experience with breeding,

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I'm starting to notice a lot of people's confusion with the undiscovered egg group even though it's quite simple.
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No, Latias is a legendary. No legendaries can breed except a Manaphy.

I once thought latias and latios could breed :D