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I was wondering about using Soak & an electric/ grass move. Most Pokemon that can learn Soak can't learn an electric/ grass move, and even if they can, it's not very effective. Besides, it wouldn't be STAB, and Solarbeam would be -50% in rain, so that leaves Thunder to be the most likely alternative.

I mean, you could always do something like this:

@ Big Root/ Damp Rock
Ability: Storm Drain
EV: 252 Speed, 252 HP, 6 Def
~ Aqua Ring
~ U-Turn
~ Soak
~ Rain Dance

so you set up Rain Dance, then soak, U-turn out, and then get a Pokemon with Thunder (w/ STAB).

Obviously, this might only be useful if the opponent doesn't switch out the Pokemon (therefore negating Soak), or only has 1 Pokemon left, and doesn't have a Lightning Rod or a x0 electric ability (if you go with Solarbeam, then Sap Sipper would negate that). And on top of all that, Lumineon doesn't have fantastic stats.

I was just trying to find a use for Soak, because it seems to be rather useless in competitive battle. Once a Pokemon is switched out, their type resets, and only when your opponent has 1 Pokemon left is that not a possibility, and even then you'd take so many turns setting it up, you might as well go Rain Dance > U-Turn > Thunder (if your opponent has no x0 ability or type). You could crow bar Mean Look or some trapping move into this, but if your opponent has U-Turn or Volt Switch, then your strategy is useless.

Is Soak only useful in game? Or has someone found it to be useful in competitive battling?


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That strategy works out, but your opponent can easily decipher the strategy once you bring something with Thunder in.

Soak is pretty useful in Double battles.

>Imagine soaking shedinja. If his partner has lighteningrod, he would only have one weakness. ~DarkTyphlosion in here.

It can be used for eliminating weaknesses your Pokemon has, especially with Pokemon that have a myriad of weaknesses.

Other than that, Soak is rarely used at all.

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Thanks! Also, I assume that in a triple battle, you could get two Pokemon with Sap Sipper and Lightning Rod respectively in a team with Shedinja, and with some careful manoeuvring, Shedinja could avoid both its weaknesses? Azumarill or Seaking would have to be either one of the accompanying Pokemon, in that case.
Sap Sipper doesn't attract Grass moves. It only gets boosted when it hits that Pokemon.
Oh I meant rotation battles, so if you had some prediction (esp. with Solarbeam), then Sap Sipper could take the grass hits.
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Lanturn can learn soak as an egg move plus get stab from thunder. It can learn soak easiest through breeding with seaking. I use soak+thunderbokt with parafusion (thunder wave+confuse ray) works like a charm beat stevens metagross by itself and was 10 levels below