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Okay so in the database it said "Evolves at Lv45" But whoa!! My Vibrava evolved at Lv54! Is something ...Wrong?

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Are you making up fake glitches or something because I've seen you asking various
Glitches questions and it doesn't make sense.
I'm not. These are all real. And if I was making a fake glitch, no one would ever know the answer.

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Vibrava can evolve at Level 45 and higher. If you didn't have a chance to evolve it before, it can evolve at later Levels. I'm going to assume you caught Vibrava at LV 53 at the sandstorm area via Poke Radar. It hasn't had a chance to evolve. So it can evolve at the next Level, assuming it has passed 45.

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Oh okay thanks for helping ;)