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So I was in a dynamax battle against a Vibrava but I didn’t dynamax. So my Frosmoth used Blizzard. When Vibrava used a 3 bars of shield , I used blizzard again but instead of breaking the shield, it killed it instead. Why?

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It could have been a result of the Vibrava being at low enough health that you broke a bar of its Shield, but you still did enough damage to kill it.
Idk though.
Was it a critical hit or something?
How many stars was the raid?
The most likely explanation was that you scored a crit, and the damage it dealt was sufficient to KO it even behind the shield's damage reduction.

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When you deal damage to a Dynamax Pokemon in a raid, you’ll notice that sometimes, even when the shield is up, the dynamaxed Pokemon will still take some damage. The shields are there to reduce damage instead of completely walling the Pokémon from damage. It could have been very likely that the Vibrava had terrible special defense IVs, was on low health, or that your Frosmoth was at a much higher level. These things happen, even to me. Additionally, Vibrava is 4 times weak to ice, meaning that your damage output would have been extremely high nonetheless,

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