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As we know, Dynamax/Gigantamax Pokémon are doubtlessly very strong, right? Do the stats of a Pokémon increase technically when it transforms? If so, does it affect their base stats or actual stats? And is there any way (or known source) to know their stats, height and weight? Thanks in advance!

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Dynamax and Gigantamax don't have weights, I'm fairly sure, as weight-based moves don't affect them.
If so, what about their stats?
The only stat that changes is HP, based on the Pokemon's Dynamax level.

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Dynamaxing/Gigantamax are not physically changing the Pokemon.

Joe Merrick pointed this out on his Twitter; according to Ohmori and Masuda, Dynamaxing are projections. Dynamaxing, along with Gigantamax, are a new gameplay mechanic that will be introduced in Sword and Shield. They allow Pokémon to grow giant during battle.


That means the real Pokemon is somewhere in that projection, completely unchanged.

Because Dynamaxed/Gigantamaxed Pokemon are simple holograms, they have no actual weight. A Dynamaxed Inteleon is certainly taller than a Dynamaxed Pidove, but their height ends up being 119'2". (Although that doesn't seem to be canon.)

All of the Pokemon's base stats except for HP are unchanged.

Dynamaxing provides Pokémon with an increase to its maximum and current HP (with the exception of Shedinja) by the same factor. The amount of HP gained depends on the Pokémon's Dynamax Level, which can be increased with Dynamax Candy. At Dynamax Level 0, a Pokémon will gain 50% more HP. For every Dynamax Level above that, the Pokémon will gain 5% more HP, up to a 100% HP increase at Dynamax Level 10. All other stats, as well as its Ability and held item, remain the same.

Whenever a Pokémon enters into or reverts from Dynamax, its current HP is adjusted to retain the same percentage of HP remaining (rounded up). For instance, if a Pokémon at Dynamax Level 10 has 100/200 HP remaining, then upon Dynamaxing, its HP will be adjusted to 200/400. Conversely, if the same Pokémon has 101/400 HP in Dynamax form, then its HP will be adjusted down to 51/200 when its Dynamax expires.


Max Moves are likely the result of being near a Power Spot (which allows Pokemon to Dynamax/Gigantamax in the first place) and aren't the effect of actually changing a Pokemon's stats. The ability Power Spot (Exclusive to Stonjourner) raises the power of an ally's moves, so it's safe to assume Gamefreak modeled this ability after what really happens at Power Spots.

Eternatus is the Pokemon that allows Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing to exist in the first place.

Eternatus serves as the source of the Dynamax and Gigantamax phenomena in Galar due to its power leaking out in the form of Galar Particles following its defeat thousands of years ago by Zacian and Zamazenta. Pieces of its body imbued with its power rain down throughout Galar in the form of Wishing Pieces and Wishing Stars.


It is also stated that Eternatus can stop other Pokemon from Dynamaxing in it's presence. Eternatus is sort of the Master of Dynamax.

Eternamax Eternatus' weight is still unknown, but we have a canon height of 328'01".

Eternatus works differently because it's not simply Dynamaxing, it's Eternamaxing. This seems to be a special subset of Dynamaxing only Eternatus is able to access. In this form, it's stats actually change.

HP: 140
Attack: 85
Defense: 95
Sp. Atk: 145
Sp. Def: 95
Speed: 130
Total: 690

Eternamax Eternatus
HP: 255
Attack: 115
Defense: 250
Sp. Atk: 125
Sp. Def: 250
Speed: 130
Total: 1125

Because Eternatus is pretty much the creator and controller of Dynamax, it only makes sense it should get it's own buffed, special form.

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If so, will you please tell me how Eternamax Eternatus works? And how can we understand that it's other stats remains same?
This isn't my answer but I'd think that eternamax eternatus (from what I heard) gave those power spots power. They take some of eternatus's power and allow other pokemon to dynamax. This is likely what happened to those pokemon dynamaxed not near a power spot, which happens during the storyline. Also, eternamax eternatus is the ONLY pokemon whose stats are changed while dynamaxed. Meaning, that it's not a projection and has the true power to do that, unlike others who just absorb the power. That's my theory anyway
Because if you Dynamax your Pokemon and go look at it's stats in the menu they are the same.
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Do the stats of a Pokémon increase technically when it transforms?

The actual HP stat is increased, depending on the Maxed Pokemon's Dynamax level. Dynamax level 0 gets a 5% HP increase, while Dynamax level 10 gets a 100% HP increase. Other than that, the stats are the same.

As for height

It seems that when Pokemon go through this transformation they all achieve the same height. We know this because Raichu's canon height is listed as 2'7", while Gyarados's canon height is 21'4" (even if this is just the distance from tail to head, the actual height would be larger than 3') and they end up being the same height. So taking Golurk's canon height of 9'2" I was able to extrapolate that Dynamxed Raichu's height is 119'2". Can someone check this with other screenshots?
You can see my work here: https://imgur.com/gallery/76NFhEx

Source: Experience, and this