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I would like to ask if Tyranitar or Coalossal is better? I have Shiny Tyranitar with a 10 for it’s Dynamax level and a G-Max Coalossal which has 10 for Dynamax level as well. Who should I use? I will post their stats later.

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What do you want to do with these Pokemon? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?

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Tyranitar by a long shot. First of all, Tyranitar gets amazing stats and is a psuedo legendary. Next, it has an incredible ability, Sand Stream, which summons a sandstorm if the Pokemon enters the field. Also, the sandstorm increases the SpD of Rock, Steel and Ground types, so Tyranitar's incredible SpD is jumped to insane levels of height. It also posses a wide movepool.

While Coalossal can be threatening with its G-Max moves, Tyranitar can dish out huge power without Dynamax. Also, Coalossal is 4x weak to Water and Ground. Very common moves used in most formats in singles and doubles are Earthquake and Surf. Their stats have a 90-point difference; the only reason to run Coalossal instead of Tyranitar is Weakness Policy Steam Engine Coalossal, but I recommend heavily on Tyranitar. Also, Ttar movepool can decimate every type, so...

Hope I helped.

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Thanks, but my Tyranitar has the Unnerve ability. Is that bad. I mean people give their Pokemon berries and Unnerve doesn't let them eat it.
I can make it learn sandstorm.
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Well, it depends
However, you didn’t say what are you using these for, but however, Tyranitor for Singles and Colossaol for doubles.
Tyranitor has a bunch of weakness(7), and 4x by fighting.
But it’s powerful stat let it be too overpowered, and unstoppable with dragon dance.Its ability sand stream can also be useful with a sand rush exadril, which really make it powerful in single.

Coalossal is another over powered Pokemon with awful strong ability—steam engine. It’s works very well with aqua jet in double when one of your Pokemon has it, which active steam engine that let it’s speed went to the highest and if you use weakness policy on this Pokemon, it’s kinda..power house.

So just asking what forming ur playing, hope it help!
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