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My Tyranitar currently has this moveset

  • Roar
  • Crunch
  • Thunder Wave
  • Stealth Rock

It's job is to provide support for my Garchomp, whether I use it as a mega or just sand veil. I wanna replace roar since I end up never using it but I have no idea what to give it. So, any suggestions on what it's final move should be, preferably not an egg move? This is for wifi battles

Which gen?
Gen 6 and 7

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If this is ORAS, I recommend Thunder Punch, as it counters Water type using Ice Beam on your Garchomp. If it's X/Y, STAB Stone Edge is always nice. In SM/USUM, I recommend, again, Thunder Punch, though Aqua Tail/Ice Punch for Ground types is also good. Another option is Rock Polish for boosting, or Fire Punch for and Ice types who try to use STAB Ice moves onto Garchomp.

Oops I forgot Superpower in USUM/ORAS. That could also fit in there.

Hope this helps! :)

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Thanks. I might just use thunder punch on Tyrazilla to kill Greninja since that's always the one that threatens my Garchomp so much
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I think pursuit is Tyranitar's best move in both gen 6 and gen 7. Sand stream raises Tyranitar's special defense, so Tyranitar can use pursuit to reliably check almost every specially offensive psychic and ghost, and a few other special attackers like Tornadus.

I can't use pursuit though my Tyranitar is shiny and it doesn't have any egg move :(