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What's the best item for my Tyranitar in Pokemon heartgold? My Tyranitar moveset is Dark Pulse, Earthquake, Giga Impact, and Stone Edge.

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What are you going to do with the Tyranitar? Is it for competitive battles, battles against in-game trainers, the Battle Frontier, or something else?
For competitive battles and battle against in-game trainers
I think you should use choice scarf, black glasses, or expert belt to raise Tyranitar's low speed or make it do more damage. I also highly recommend using crunch instead of dark pulse, because Tyranitar's physical attack is higher than its special attack.
What format of competitive battle are you playing? https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/398312
Since official servers closed, there hasn't an active competitive community on the Gen 4 cartridge games. Exactly what are you doing?
What's the rest of Tyranitar's set, e.g. ability, EVs, nature?
I was planning to transfer all of my Pokemon from old game generation to the new game generation so I can use them again in online battles
So you're asking a few different questions, then.
Again you need to be specific if you want proper advice. What generation are you transferring to and what battle format will you play?
If you want help with in-game trainers in HG/SS plus competitive advice in a different game, maybe ask a separate question since they're different things.

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First, don't use giga impact. Swap out dark pulse for a stronger move in crunch, and give Tyranitar a coverage move like fire punch, or a boosting move like d-dance.

As for the item, Assault vest/leftovers/smooth rock should work well.
You could also go for Tyranitarite but its better to just run a normal Tyranitar and save a mega slot (Gen 6-7 only)

If this were for a playthrough, I would recommend just simple boosting items such as soft sand, black glasses, etc.

(Yes I included Tyranitarite since I read the comments)

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@Invaild_N4me he clearly specified that it is in gen 4 heart gold so no tyranitarite I hope you know that.
@loki ron "Yes I included Tyranitarite since I read the comments"