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(HeartGold btw!!)

I had beaten Clair and currently is in Dragon's Den, where I very recently got the badge. This site writes that you can find Dratinis by surfing and I thought of getting one to replace my Slowbro (since Slowbros r super slow).

But at the same time, I also feel like getting a Tyranitar. So which is better: Tyranitar or Dragonite?

Current team:

  • Lui - Typhlosion (M) Lv. 43
  • Haru - Espeon (F) Lv. 40
  • Gumdrop - Crobat (F) Lv. 28
  • Pudding - Quagsire (M) Lv. 33
  • Seli - Ampharos (F) Lv. 31
  • Fujio - Slowbro (M) Lv. 15 [Freshly caught]

I caught a Slowbro due to its high Sp. Atk. stat and I want to give it Blizzard so that it can sweep Lance's Dragonites, but then I thought that just a Quagsire is enough (Pudding already has Blizzard from TM), so I feel like getting either Tyranitar or Dragonite.

Any sort of help will be amazing! Thank you!

I'm not sure if tyrannitar is an end game mon or not.But if it isn't then definitely tyrannitar since Dragonite has an overlapping type with crobat's.And besides pupitar evolves earlier.But your team doesn't really need a dark type .I would recommend heracross because of the dark type e4 .
This doesn't list pros and cons

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According to Mystic from your mt silver question, you can get a Larvitar from the safari zone so I will take into consideration that at this point, it is possible for you to get both mons

Now, let's compare them


  • Slow af
  • Bulky af
  • Weak to a lot of common types
  • Has a very wide movepool


  • decent speed with good enough bulk
  • not as many weaknesses
  • more reliable method to obtain. Refer to Mystic's answer on your mt silver question for details
  • only has fly as a decent flying stab
  • also has a wide movepool

As much as I hate to say it, I'd have to give this to Dragonite. The biggest reason why I recommend it over Tyranitar is because of dragon dance. For Tyranitar, that's an egg move but it's a level up move for Dragonite. Dragon dancing in in game battles is so busted that it makes the game ridiculously easy. It's weaknesses are also not that easy to exploit both with the elite four and with the Kanto gyms

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Also dragonite is weak 4x to ice which I guess is a con.
But TTar is 4x weak to Fighting, which is generally a more comon typing than ice
Not just fighting. Kanto has water and grass gyms, two types that are strong against Tyranitar. Idk if Viridian uses ground types but if it does, press F for Godzilla
Well then I'll catch myself a Dratini. Thank you for the funky answer!
Yeah true nice answer though
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Well, you can't get Tyranitar before beating the E4 (If I'm right ), so well, you should go with Dragonite.

This isn’t a properly correct answer, can you please list their pro’s and con’s and other stuff also?
This answer explains how Larvitar is not necessarily a postgame Pokemon: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/384763