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I got a 3-star Gigantamax Machamp in my Pokemon Shield save file, and I know that it only appears on Pokemon Sword. Help me understand this rare event (you could say glitch) by giving me answers!

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There was an event featuring version exclusive pokemon being available in the counterpart games' raids. However, googling about it says it ended last week.
I'm pretty sure it still stays if you don't update the news or something
when did you get this?
It must be a glitch because the update to get the version exclusive Pokemon in the counterpart game said nothing about the Gigantamax Pokemon only Pokemon like galarian corsala or sirfeched
No, GMax Gengar and Machamp (and I’m pretty sure Coalossal and Lapras as well) were available in both versions for a while.
SeeYaLater, it happened on Wednesday April 1st.

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You probably just joined in a Sword raid. If you play on Shield, you can still join in Sword raids. After you caught it, you were probably wondering where it came from and you just realized you can’t get in Shield. Just that or it was traded to you. Hope this helped.

Sorry HeroPlayz, I am sure I was in a Shield raid, it appeared to me in a Max Raid Den. I wasn't in online status at the time, so i couldn't have joined a raid or traded it. Before the glitch, I re-updated my version of Pokémon Shield and there were no version  exclusives anymore.
Oh.  Well then that must seem weird.  It has to come from somewhere.  Soon you will figure it out.
Thx man, but I'm pretty sure it's a glitch
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From what I can understand, Gigantamax Machamp and Gengar aren't entirely exclusive to specific games. According to Bulbapedia, in normal gameplay GMax Machamp and Gengar are exclusive to Sword and Shield, respectively.

However, these GMax forms have been made available to BOTH games through Wild Area News. Additionally, through the purchase of an expansion pass, Gengar and Machamp can be made available to both games.

(sorry if this isn't good, it's my first answer)

Actually, I haven't purchased the expansion pass and the Wild Area News event was right before, though I encountered it a few days later.
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It's not a glitch, there was an event where gmax Pokemon that were exclusive to Sword were available in Shield and vice versa.

dude the event ended days before i caught it.