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Is it better to stick with Max Knuckle for the attack boost or is the Crit boost from G-Max Chi Strike better than an attack boost? I would use this Machamp for Wifi battles.

Why would you use Machamp when you can use single strike Urshifu?

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Dynamaxed Machamp is better than Gigantamaxed Machamp. In your three turns of being Dmaxed, you can get a solid Attack boost. However, the increased critical hit chance is not guaranteed -- you can still have an attack without the crit.

So Max Knuckle is better, as it provided a guaranteed Attack boost each time you use it. G-Max Chi Strike is less reliable.

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I believe GMax Chi Strike stacks, so three of those would guarantee a crit for all your moves. Still worse than getting a 2.5x boost from 3 Max Knuckles, though.