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Okay, so I traded with my friend who uses White, I traded my Cottonee with his Petilil, when we first traded my friends Petilil was female. When we were finished trading, my friend left and then when I play my game the Petilil turned male!! What's going on? All Petilils are supposed to be female!!!

WHOA I've never seen this. And I pre-ordered  the game.
maybe your cotonee was male
But if my Cottonee was male, it wouldn't make the Petilil change male... And no my Cottonee was not male, It was also female

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Well I have never seen this happen before, it must be a glitch becuase petilil is only female. Petilil is 0% male and 100% female.



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Does that mean I should get a new pokemon black game?
No, don't replace it unless you notice something serious. I have a few games with minor glitches, they aren't that horrible. Besides, now you have the amazing....MALE Petilil!!
Imagine all 100% percent female pokémon to be male !it would fantastic!(male cresselia ,male latias... )
You're right, this glitch is amazing! Male Petilil, Male Cresselia, Male Lilligant, Male Latias, Male Froslass! Umm... I mean Froslad! (Lass is female, lad is male)
Yeah, actually that's kind of cool.
Woah it grew an extra part of its body after trade