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I heard that when you smash the Challenge Rock, once a day it would give you a Star Piece. It will give me Stardust once a day and nothing else. No, I dont cheat, the game was new when I bought it, and it's Black Version 2. Thanks.


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Nope. I think Star Piece is incorrect, and was just a typo that's spread to places like Serebii. I get a Star Dust with my Mienshao daily, and my game has not been hacked/ AR'd/ etc.

It's just that it's in BW and not B2W2, you get a Star Piece, and most people just assumed that it was the same in B2W2.

Pinwheel Forest - Bulbapedia - it lists Star Piece for BW and Star Dust for B2W2.

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this is not a glitch you always get stardust.

It is the same in all 5th gen games.

star dust is sold for 1,000 while stardust is around 5 times as much monny for selling.

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