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I was trying to catch Terrakion, and I threw about 40 ultra balls at him, plus some Great balls. He was at 1 hp. I guess he ran out of PP of all of his moves and learned this new move?? Then his made up move hit him with Recoil and he died =/ So is there another chance to catch him? I didn't know if Black and white 2 was like the original Black and White where you can re-battle them after the Elite 4...since Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion appear in the middle of your journey. Caught the other two, just had issues with Terrakion.


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The move was Struggle. It does damage and takes 1/4 of its HP off.
And yes, you can. Beat the Elite Four and come back to the spot you encountered Terrkion before. He should be back, but at Level 65.

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Thats what it was! Could not think of the name.. Thank you so much! This helped a ton.
No problem.
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there are 2 options.
1.save and battle
2. beat the elite 4 an you'll find it with new moves and a higher level