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Special attacks are moves that a Pokemon can learn that are not Egg moves, level up moves, Move Tutor moves, TMs, or HMs that the Pokemon doesn't normally learn. Most of these are obtained through events. I know some of them are: Extremespeed Dratini, Pikachu with Fly, Pikachu with Surf, Heatran with Eruption, and Darkrai with Spacial Rend and Roar of time. Can you please tell me what all the Special Attack Pokemon are and what the Special Attacks they get are?

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I don't know about this
Arceus with Roar of Time and Dialga with Draco Meteor

Roar of Time ARceus! How could I forget about it? It also has Spacial Rend and Shadow Force. However, Draco Meteor Dialga is a possibility through move tutor.
Shadow Force, Special Rend, and Roar of Time, what a moveset! don't remember the other one...
Judgement was the other move it came with.
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I do no Giratina: Shadow Sneak, Palkia, Hydro pump

Giratina learns SHadow SNeak at level 19 in HG/SS. Palkia learns Hydro Pump at level 42 in HG/SS.
those are special attacks though, through the arseus event in hg/ss, they get them at lvl 1.
Oh, okay. Anything for Dialga?