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Just wondering


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Entering an inappropriate or wrong Action Replay code may not cause a
noticeable loss in the area of play, however the data error takes
effect after the Action Replay is removed from the user's system.

So you better not type it wrong.

You can trust this. Wikipedia is not all wrong. ^_^

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i answer a lot of these AR questions.

it depends on what the code was abduction what you did wrong. each line on the AR that you use to enter a cheat is called Hexadecimal Coding or Hexcode. AR's change that line of Hexcode in the games programming. so if you change one letter/number in the Hexcode line, it may just not work, or it could freeze the game depending o. what you changed the letter to and thus, what you reprogrammed the Hexcode to do. AR can be fun, but the more you use them, the more likely you are to screw up your game. my brother had a code freeze his game, when he turned it on again, EVERY SINGLE CODE on the AR was gone, and his Pokemon file was too corrupted to save. he had to delete it. be careful

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ha im just shocked cuz this is the first AR question i have ever answered where i didn't get BA :B but it doesn't matter, i just thought it was funny.