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I don't get it: What are the tiers BL and BL2 for?

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I don't understand. BL Pokemon say they are in OU, the same for BL2 Pokemon but they are in UU. And what tier is Gothitelle actually playable in?

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Borderline is a Semi-Tier for Pokemon that can fall by definition cleanly into both OU and UU, not just a UU Poke being used in a higher tier. they are anomalies that can't be classified as UU because they have all the criteria for being OU, but also are just as evenly qualified for placement in UU. however BL only really is looked at during major competitive events in an effort to help regulate tiers better. and Kingdra need to be BL. just sayin

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yeah it was like 3am here at the time. i just finished moving and unpacking all day. i was kinda out of it. :B
So Pokemon in BL are OU Pokemon, but they can be used in UU? Is BL2 the same formation but with UU and RU?
Lol no. BL pokemon are pokemon too strong for UU, but would suck in OU / not get enough usage therefore move down tiers again. Likewise BL2 is pokes too strong for RU, BL3 too strong for NU.
Being put in a BL tier is another way of saying: "You are a misfit and don't really belong anywhere."
in short BL is the Worst of the Best.