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Before or after the Pokemon League?

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  1. Beat the Pokemon League and enter the Hall of Fame.

  2. Battle N in the ruins of N's Castle unground in Victory Road (Can only be accessed after entering the hall of Fame).

  3. Beat N and get the Dark/ Light Stone (depending on the game) and take it to to the top of Dragonspiral Tower.

  4. Battle and catch Zekrom/ Reshiram.

  5. Go to the Giant Chasm and Kyurem will be there.

Unless you do all this, Kyurem will not appear at the Giant Chasm

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After, since The Giant Chasm is only able to be accesed after the Pokemon League

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After beating the game, you can return to the back of the Giant Chasm and catch a normal Kyurem. It is at level 70.

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