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magmarizer,electrizer,up-grade,dubious disc,protector,razor claw,razor fang,reaper cloth and metal coat.


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Magmarizer: Route 214, sometimes on Wild Magby
Electrizer: Valley Windworks, sometimes on Wild Elekid
Up-Grade: Eterna Galactic Building, Eterna City from Prof. Oak after visiting Pal Park
Dubious Disc: Route 225
Razor Claw:Route 224, Victory Road, Battle Frontier
Protector: Iron Island, Route 228
Razor Fang: Route 214, Battle Frontier
Reaper Cloth: Acuity Lafefront, Route 229, Turnback Cave
Metal Coat: Iron Island, sometimes on Wild Beldum, Magnemite, Magneton, Steelix, Bronzor, and Bronzong.

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aaa i know that in platinum on the way you find some pokeballs that have surprise items now i know you search an ,,pokeball" on rotue 225 and in one you find the object i get it now thanks
All Pokeballs you find on the ground contain items (actually, very rarely, in Special places, they are Voltorb and Electrode, but this is only in one or two of them in the whole game.)
AND WHAT MEAN ON WILD ELEKID i havent get it so say me what mean?
Sometimes Wild Pokemon hold items. So if you capture a Wild Elekid, you might find it holds an item. Or you can just use Thief to steal that item without needing to capture the Pokemon. Elekid holds an electrizer 50% of the time in Platinum.
so you find it easy