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I heard somewhere that you can use moves like these in Pokémon X and Y to get items from your surroundings. If anyone knows about this, please tell me what other moves you can use to get items and which places to use each move for. Thanks!!!

do you mean use those moves in battle?

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This may be what you are talking about: http://www.serebii.net/xy/wilditems.shtml
Haha, I had no idea. I should try it. ;3

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Yes, those moves can get you items, but only by a chance

The only way though is in a horde battle, and if you manage to destory some of the scenery in the battle, you will be given an item, like a leaf stone.
All multi-hitting moves are capable of this, unless the Pokemon in the horde have immunity to it.
Use it wherever you can encounter hordes, also use sweet scent/honey to make it way easier to encounter hordes

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