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I know that Guard Spec can do this, but I would have to buy a lot and they only last for five turns in order not to be affected by Roggenrola's Sand Attack when I'm SOS chaining for a shiny one. Do you know of any useful items or attacks that can have the same effect? Thanks!

Not sure about items or attacks, but the ability Clear Body prevents your stats being lowered. You probably already know this, but that's all I could think about.
I do know that, but thanks anyway!

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For moves, Mist and Misty Terrain(grounded Pokemon affected only)

For items, there is the Guard Spec and White Herb

And if you want abilities, then there is Clear Body, Full Metal Body, White Smoke, Keen Eye(prevents Accuracy from being lowered) Hyper Cutter(prevents Attack from being lowered) and Big Pecks(prevents Defense from being lowered)

If I forget anything (which I probably did) then put what I forgot in the comments

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white smoke and haze
Keen Eye prevents accuracy from being lowered.
Misty Terrain prevents stat drops.
Misty Terrain only works on Pokemon that are not flying, and do not have the effects of Magnet Rize, telekinesis, etc.
The move Clear Smog resets stats to regular.
No Guard indirectly prevents accuracy drops (attacks will AlWAYS hit, no matter how many Sand Attacks you get).
Misty terrain and misty surge only prevents non-volatile ailments (like poison) and confusion. Poketrainer's comment is wrong. Mosmic, you should check stuff on Bulbapedia before you believe it's correct.
I keep getting confused with status conditions...