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I need it for my Thyplosion in competetive play. Thankyou for your help.


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At Route 13, Terminus Cave and by using Eruption, Heat Wave or Lava Plume when there is a round rock behind the opponent (in case you didn't know this is a new thing introduced in X and Y that you can learn more about here).


Okay world! Be prepared for Sauron the Typhlosion to sweep the heck out of peoples teams! ^-^
Yeah, I knew about the new feature because I have tonnes of Damp rocks.
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I have tons of Heat Rocks. The way I got them was EV training for Speed on Route 8 and a lot of the times when I'd defeat a hoard of Wingull I'd get a Heat Rock fot it at the end. A message pops up at the end of the battle after you get the EXP so check your bag afterwards.

Grab a Pokemon with Sweet Scent and another with Heat Wave you need it in order for this to work. Head to Route 8 and defeat hoards of Wingull until you get it. It shouldn't take long at all.

There's also some other items you find in battle with unique moves.