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I'm ideally looking for a way to get multiple king's rocks, but for now I just need the one. Anybody know if a super secret training game will give me this? Or some other method?

Some place in Lumiose City.
Well that's really helpful, Icedude. >_>

Just so you know, I did actually Google this, and I've asked friends with the game. "Someplace" in Lumiose City doesn't help me, I've searched the city up and down after a Google result gave me that dubious answer.
That's why I posted it as a comment, not an answer.

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After clearing the Lumiose City Gym, Professor Sycamore will contact you via Holo-clip. He will ask you to meet him at Cafe Lysandre. When you arrive there, Professor Sycamore and Lysandre will enter into a joint monologue. After it ends, Lysandre will give you a King's Rock.