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My friend traded me a Spritzee and I wish to evolve it with him, but in order to do so, I need to know where to find the Sachet. I have X and I do not know if the Sachet is Y exclusive, if it is please let me know in your answer.

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The Sachet and the Whipped Dream are transposed between the versions. Where you get, for example, the Whipped Dream in X you will instead get the Sachet in Y.

In X, you will find the Sachet behind the Skiddo ranch on Route 12. Walk up to the house on the north west end of the ranch, down the stairs, and through the little gap between the stable and the cliff. You will find a narrow path with a Cut tree in it. In Y, in the same place, you will instead find the Whipped Dream.

Something to point out, in X you can find 2 Whipped Dreams and 1 Sachet. In Y, this would be reversed, 1 Whipped Dream and 2 Sachets.

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