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I'm new to this whole moveset thing...but here goes.
Castform @ Heat Rock
???/???/??? < I don't get what that is...
??? < Something here?
- Sunny Day
- Fire Blast
- Weather Ball
- Solar Beam (Which covers Water and Ground weakness.)
Did I do good?
Remember that heat rock.

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Route 119

After you get Castform and defeating Team Aqua talk to the receptionist . Once a day she will give you a Weather Item. Keep talking to her everyday to receivea Heatrock

>After you have defeated Team Magma/Aqua, and have received the Castform gift, once a day when you enter the Weather Institute in Route 119 you can speak to the receptionist and she will give you one of four special items. These items are the special rocks that are used to prolong weather in battle.

[email protected] Rock
EV Spread Will go here . Eg. 252 HP/252SpA/4 Def

Nature will go there. Eg. Nature : Quirky

Trait/Ability will go there. Eg. Forecast

The rest is all correct :)

Thanks. I was totally confused.
No problem :)
Your answer is a lot shorter than mine :)
Ugh. Got the ice rock.
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I'll answer both questions individually.

1) Moveset Format

A moveset format is usually done like this:

Poké[email protected] Item
- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

In your case, it would be

[email protected] Heat Rock
Ability: Forecast
(Insert EVs here)
(Insert Nature here)
- Sunny Day
- Fire Blast
- Weather Ball
- SolarBeam

2) Heat Rock Location

The Heat rock can be found at the Weather Institute on Route 119. It is a possible gift from the receptionist after defeating Team Magma/Aqua, chosen at random from the four weather rocks (I got a Smooth Rock).

Source (scroll aaaaaaaaaaallllll the way to the bottom)