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Can you explain what you mean when you say it "hangs"? Does it freeze? And can you give what game it is, what the situation is?

If we can't get more info, I will have to hide this.

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If you mean lagging (constant jumping) or freezing (screen and music tone get frozen), it is most likely beacuse you hacked the game, it is glitched, or you are using a ROM or Emulator. These are abnormal conditions to the game, the the game may lag or freeze upon a certain action, in this case, an evolving Nincada. This also depends on the game you are using; some are glitchier than others, paticularly Gen I, II and III. Game Cards/Game Paks may be dirty or moisturised, and this is another reason why the game may glitch up.

Glitches are anomalies in software programs, such as video games. They can cause various problems ranging from the purely graphical and audio glitching to completely corrupting or deleting the save file.

Glitches are mostly caused by problems with a game's code, or players doing things the programmers didn't anticipate, therefore causing the game to react unexpectedly.

~ Bulbapedia's description of a glitch

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Your game could be slowing down (if that is what you mean) because it could be glitched, hacked, or broken (one of my games runs slowly because it is broken). There is also the possibility that, if the game that you are playing is a Game Boy Game such as Pokemon Emerald, your game could be counterfeit (fake). I have tested a counterfeit game before, and it does work a bit different, and sometimes slowly. This could cause your Nincada's evolution to lag. There are ways to see if it is fake, though. Some websites and videos on YouTube explain the noticeable differences. One more way it could slow down might be that your game could be calculating if you have an extra spot in your party (and in some cases you need a PokeBall in the bag) for Shedinja.

I hope this helps.