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Here are some counters:

  • Tyranitar: It can easily shrug off any Special moves directed at it with its huge Special bulk, and trap and kill it with Pursuit.
  • Scizor: Traps and kills with with Pursuit.
  • Krookodile: Traps and kills with with Pursuit.
  • Porygon2 with Trace: Flash Fire, the ability move Chandelure run, can be copied. Hidden Power [Fighting] will do little damage due to Eviolite. It laughs at Fire Blast due to its new Flash Fire, is immune to Shadow Ball, and take little from Energy Ball.
  • Snorlax: Snorlax's huge amount of HP and Special Bulk, as well as access to Thick Fat, it takes Chandelure's moves easily and take it down with Earthquake or Crunch.
  • Houndoom: Traps and kills with with Pursuit.