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Okay, so I got some questions about filming in BW2:

  • It says I can use my own Party Pokemon, but it always say's I should use theres. I know I should, but do I have to almost replicate the moveset onto one of mine? (Cause the Invadors or wahtever, I used my Cutie Pie Growlith with Roar, but it still said I should use theirs)
    So basically, how do I use my own Pokemon to film?
  • It makes me delete movies once I have 8 on screen. I still get credit for those movies when earning medals, right?
    I'm pretty sure I do, but I want to make sure.
  • What happens when you finish filming all the movies and become a Movie Star? I know about the Medal thing, but is there anything else, besides Fame and fortune? Or is it just remaking the same moves?

Any and all thanks to the people who can answer this question! (Mew :3) ;P

I only know the answer to the first one.

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  1. this tells you have to use your own Pokemon.
  2. Yes it still counts otherwise the max you could get would be eight and you would never get the medal.
  3. You can make your Pokemon Stars by ending the movies with the Strange Ending but thats the only thing outside of Pokestar Studios that is affected by it. You get the medal.
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