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Almost every time when I watch a movie in the pokestar studio after the talking ends and it goes back to the battle they frown and have this weird half red half blue throbbing circle above their heads? I am confused. If it is bad how can I stop it.

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>- Good Ending - Generated by following the script. Creates a good, if predictable, ending. Getting the good ending usually unlocks the next movie in the series. The player can tell they are getting the good ending based on the pleased reactions of the director.
- Bad Ending - Generated by deviating from the script, such as acting out of character (acting scared when playing a superhero, not acting scared when a zombie appears, etc) or not completing the battle puzzle properly. Directors have an aggravated response when triggering a bad ending.
- Strange Ending - Generated by deviating from the script a certain way, causing a puzzled response from the director. Strange endings change the nature of the movie entirely and generate a shocked reaction.

The half circle red / blue thing....
You were looking incorrectly; that is a heart, which is a sign in which the viewers enjoy the movie.

The frown means that the crowd is not enjoying the movie. They way to stop it is to follow the script correctly.

Look at Serebii uner Making Movies for how to complete the movies correctly.

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But they both frown and have the heart, and I follow the script to the letter.
I think it just means that the audience is experiencing suspense. They're at the edge of their seats. I'm not sure why they picked a frown for that, but I see that all the time in my movies. I wouldn't worry too much about it.