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Claydol used to be different colours but then in gen 5 they changed him,
his body used to be brown and his eyes used to be sort of red/orange.
Now his body is almost black and his eyes are pink.
Now I know it's because that's how GameFreak wanted but is there any other reason or possiblity?

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Technically they did not change his colours, they made them a darker shade. I guess they just thought he looked better that way. It is not the first time they have changed a Pokemon's details before. Just look at Gengar:

Look at all those changes!

The only Pokemon I am aware of that they changed for a specific reason is Jynx. Jynx apparently looked like some racial stereo-type and caused a lot of problems for nintendo so they changed it's skin colour from black to purple.

Before After Now

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also I think they had to change colours of certain pokemon like Gengar due to the change in console and the change in game cartridge, since it just gets more and more advanced, don't you agree?
thanks :) , I knew about Jynx
WTF is gengar doing in the 5th sprite
I really love Agatha's gengar! looks so cool!
what the hell does Entei have to do with this??