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Okay I need to beat Roxie in Pokemon white 2 and I want to use Elekid or Growlithe.
Pros and cons please!


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Pros of Elekid:
- Great Mixed Attacker
- Fast
- Has access to a wide variety of moves
- Its Static ability helps you cripple opponents before you get Electivire
Cons of Elekid:
- Frail
- Needs trading to evolve

Pros of Growlithe:
- Great mixed attacker
- Good offenses, average defense and speed
- Has access to a wide variety of moves
- Intimidate provides a cushion against physical attacker
- Has access to Outrage, which is extremely helpful against Drayden and Iris
Cons of Growlithe
- Doesn't learn moves besides Flare Blitz as an Arcanine
- Doesn't have great offenses in the beginning

I'd say Growlithe > Elekid, as Growlithe take less hassle to evolve.

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