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Why are the Tiers hidden?

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Yeah I have been wondering that too? I know that trachy hid them and that he edited them out of the question as well. BTW I did not edit this question when I was pressing comment I accidentally hit hide so I re showed it and it says I edited it.
Yeah...trachy what gives? Why did you remove the content from that post?
I believe all of the complaints about the db tiers sucking, etc. Made Trachy hide them and he's working on better ones. That's just my assumption.

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Trachy is redoing them. He is calculating every Pokemon's movesets on their pages against every Pokemon. He wants people to return home. D: They will probably be done in April or May (Mass Effect 3 is out soon), along with our PO server.

trachy: It personally offends me when the tiers are said to suck. So I won't have anything for people to complain about now. Come when they finish, I will have hopefully destroyed any need for changes to the tiers ever.

Wish him luck!

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Personally I loved the tiers :) They were new, they obviously were not going to be perfect even in one year these things take time and I am grateful that trachy is taking the time and effort to do this.
Good luck trachy