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I suggest that when we hide the question then we get a list of reasons why it should be hidden and press the reason and then the user that posted the question that was hidden gets some form of notification (perhaps at the top of the screen where it suggests to read the rules for new users) that tells them that their question has been hidden and the reason why.

- Spam
- Unreadable
- Already asked
- Poll or opinion
- Battle/Trade request
- Tell me what to use
- Ingame team question
- Does not belong in this section
- Insufficient information(For team questions)

This way it helps the user to understand why their question was hidden and they are less likely to ask it again in the future. While we can simply comment why sometimes they can not access their hidden question to find out why or they think their was a glitch and was not asked. Also maybe doing something similar for hiding answers.

Also maybe if a user asks a certain amount of Spam questions/answers they get a temporary ban so that way if there are answer/question trolls we do not need to wait for a Mod to come online to make them stop trolling we just hide the spam and they are unable to spam until a Mod can sort out the issue. An example of spam trolling Q/A: I forget the users name but I am sure some can remember the "Choice-brick" XD

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Something like this will be coming very soon :)
We'll be able to close questions as duplicates or put a note saying that it broke the rules.

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Yeah :D thank you for answering so quickly.