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Well, I remember seeing something on Serebii.net about Meloetta's artwork. So, I was snooping around and saw it:

Is this the right one? Because then, it can replace the sprites on Meloetta's page. Thank you for your time. ;D

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I see.
Also regarding the artwork in the question, you can see textured lines; Ken Sugimori draws with solid lines.
Wow good eye Sam I did not notice that before! The textured lines seem a bit more pronounce in the dance form.
I immideately knew it was Xous54 when I saw his signature under Meloetta's left arm.
Yeah that was kind of a dead giveaway.

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Only the Aria form has been officially revealed AFAIK, so the Bulbapedia one is the only official artwork. The others are fanart, note the black body instead of brown as in the sprite.

Although Serebii has a different artwork...

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