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Do we have to fight the gym leaders in order? My PO isn't working and people like genga don't have black and white. Can I face the gym leaders with black and white first while I fix my PO?

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Ok it was my suggestion so i will answer but if someone that has a big part in it, who helped bring it to life (Someone who abuses their Meta privileges) Has changed my original rules they can edit this ;).
Ok in my original rules you battled any gym leader in any order (Only one battle a day)
Im not sure whether that still stands but i hope it does.
But only when you have beat the gym leeders you can go onto the elite4 the elite 4 are in order and very few will get there if any (excluding Pb)
Once you have beaten the elite four (Congratulations btw) You battle the champion, if you manage to beat the champion (which is not easy at all) You get a badge for all your merits on top of the badges you originally have and become the 9th gym leader.

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But I can't face genga because my PO is messd up and he doesn't have black and white. Can I face the second gym leader first and face him afterwards?
use can use showdown.....besides mine has to be on po or showdown
Yea mecha, we can battling in showdown