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Recently there have been a lot of new users who haven't read the rules and are breaking them left and right. My suggestion is this: after a new user makes an account, give him/her no choice but to view the rules, and when he /she exits the rule page, give them no choice but to take a mandatory quiz about the rules, where all of the answers to the questions will be found in the rules. if they miss more than 20% of the questions make them redo the quiz until they get it right. this is just an examlpe but you know what I mean.

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pfft. Make them only be able to click the rules button when they make an account
That's what I meant but I guess it wasn't to clear, I  edited
This seems like it'll turn out like actual quizzes though: you study to the quiz rather than trying to learn the rules for the sake of the purpose of having the quiz in the first place.
Unfortanatley DT has a point...
yeh... right...
but its their loss... if they don't wanna read the rules they can get upset and leave if their questions and answers get hidden
i'm not new but i break the rules...

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I'm not going to do this. No one wants to spend 20 minutes learning a bunch of stuff just to ask one question. There are really only 3 basic rules:

  • No poll questions.
  • Questions should go in the appropriate section - i.e. team questions should be on BS, site questions on Meta.
  • Team questions should have all Pokemon, moves, EVs and other details.

Everything should be common sense, like posting in proper English, or that clicking a button saying "post an answer" is only for posting answers to the question.

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Yet people post comments as answers XD